Debit Card Controls and Remote Deposit Capture Now Available

Dated: February 20, 2019
Find our app “Evergreen Credit Union” today!

Evergreen Credit Union members can lock and unlock their ECU debit cards and deposit checks through our mobile app. Locking your debit card prevents new purchases from going through – a perfect solution when you have temporarily misplaced your card, or when you are leaving it behind for a vacation or short trip.

If you have never used remote deposit capture (RDC), it’s simple! Request registration through our app and after approval, depositing your checks will be as simple as taking two pictures.

As an added bonus, debit card controls allow you to quickly click to see your list of recent transactions and your current card balance through the “Manage My Cards” screen without having to navigate to your checking account.

Please make sure to update your app to use this feature. Our app uses the same login credentials as your online banking – if you have not activated online banking with your account, please give us a call at (920) 729-2999 to get started.

NOTE: RDC applications are currently being accepted in limited amounts as we test this new feature. You may experience some delays.


Common Debit Card Questions & Answers


Where can I find debit card controls on the app? Open your “Evergreen CU” app with the tree icon. Click the “More” hamburger icon in the bottom right. Select “Manage My Cards” under Member Services. Note: if you cannot see this feature, please try updating your app to the newest version. An uninstall/reinstall may also be required to make sure you are on the newest version.

I locked my card. Can money still come in and out of my associated checking account? Yes. Card controls are for your physical plastic card and the numbers on the card. For example, when locked, your card would not read at a gas terminal when paying for gas, but if you wrote a check, the check would successfully be cashed if the funds are available. Please continue to monitor and manage your checking account while your card is locked.

How often can I lock/unlock my card?  You can lock/unlock your card as often as needed, though there may be some delays in the system as your request processes. If unlocking your card for use, please allow at least five minutes before using it for it to be released.

Will I get a new card or account number if I lock/unlock my card? No. Your account number and card number will not change when you lock/unlock your card.

I saw a transaction I did not recognize so I locked my card. What now? Locking your card does not prevent pending transactions from going through, it only prevents new ones. Please give us a call at (920) 729-2999 at your earliest convenience to report your card as lost or stolen. 

My debit card says it is locked, but I did not lock it. Your card may have been locked by Evergreen Credit Union as a precaution. Please give us a call at (920) 729-2999. Common reasons include fraud prevention if suspicious activity has occurred.

I have lost my debit card and cannot find it. I locked it. Do I have to report it lost? Yes, please call us at (920) 729-2999 if you believe your card has been permanently lost or stolen. We will work with you to get your account secured and your card reissued, if needed.

I use online banking but cannot see this feature in my web browser. We are sorry, our card controls are only available through our mobile app. Our app is compatible with Android and Apple devices.

Why can I not see my Evergreen Credit Union credit card? Card controls are only available for debit cards at this time.


Common RDC Questions & Answers


Where can I find RDC on the app? Open your “Evergreen CU” app with the tree icon. Tap “Move Money” on the bottom row and select “Deposit Check.” You will be asked to login if you have not already. If this is your first time using RDC, you will have to apply by clicking the green button. Note: if you cannot see this feature, please try updating your app to the newest version. An uninstall/reinstall may also be required to make sure you are on the newest version.

How long will it take for me to be approved to use RDC? Members are typically approved within 24 hours. Applications to use RDC are manually reviewed by ECU and are approved on a case-by-case basis. If you have questions about your eligibility for RDC, please give us a call at (920) 729-2999.

When will my check be approved and deposited? Checks are processed on business days, and will be processed same day if deposited before 3:00pm. Deposits after 3:00pm may be deposited the next business day (Monday through Friday). 

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