Plaid Integration Now Available

Evergreen Credit Union is now integrated with Plaid! Plaid simplifies the connection process between your financial accounts and apps by using your online banking credentials to verify your identity. Using Plaid also eliminates the need update your password and banking information across sites.

How do I know I’m connected with Plaid?
Look for the Plaid logo on the app you are trying to connect with. If you can choose Evergreen Credit Union (WI) from a list rather than manually entering all details, there is a good chance you are connecting with Plaid. Make sure you are selecting the one with Wisconsin (WI) and the dark teal tree.

How do I use Plaid?
From within an app or service integrated with Plaid, you start the process to connect your financial accounts, which will begin Plaid’s account connection flow.

How do members view and control their connections made using Plaid?
Evergreen Credit Union does not provide data to Plaid. You must supply your own credentials to make a connection with Plaid. Members can view and manage all their Plaid connections in the Plaid Portal.

Is it safe? What about fraud?
Learn more about Plaid’s security at Learn more about fraud and compliance with Plaid at