Debit Card Activity Alerts and e-Statements for Mobile Devices

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It’s time to update your app! Starting Monday June 24th, Debit Card Activity Alerts and e-Statements are available for your Evergreen Credit Union Mobile app! Debit Card Activity Alerts allow you to enable push notifications that trigger anytime your ECU debit card is used, or when a certain threshold you set is met. This tool is the perfect way to take control of your spending and know when and where your card is used. E-Statements in your mobile app will allow you to view all of your transaction history in one place without having to navigate to our website. After updating, you will find these new features under the “More” hamburger menu in the lower right.

Enabling Debit Card Alerts for Mobile Devices

To enable transaction alerts for your ECU debit cards, select the “More” hamburger menu in the lower right. Select “Manage My Cards” under Member Services. If you have a debit card associated with your account, it will show under the Manage Cards screen. Select which card you would like to enable alerts for based on the last four digits of the card.

In the new menu under Actions, click “Edit Activity Alerts” above “Temporarily Lock This Card.” Here you will be able to enable Activity Alerts and set parameters. We encourage you to enable alerts for Authorized Transactions above $0.00, but you may enter any amount you wish. Enabling “Card Not Present” will also provide alerts when your debit card is used for an online transaction, or when you card numbers were manually typed versus swiped at a point-of-sale terminal. Alerts will only show when mobile data is enabled, or when on an internet connection.

Note: Alerts will be received when the transaction is authorized. Some transactions authorize immediately. Some sites, such as, may not authorize until your purchase is finalized and the item is shipped. Activity Alerts do not serve as an approval process; they are for informational purposes only and cannot be used to decline a transaction. If you see a transaction you did not authorize, please contact us immediately at (920) 729-2999.