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Scam Calls, Texts, and Fraudulent Checks

Dated: February 23, 2022

We have been made aware of several scams using Evergreen Credit Union’s name, including scams impersonating credit union staff. Scams have been targeting members and non-members.

These phone calls or texts claim to be from Evergreen Credit Union, and ask for personal information to verify your identity or transactions. You should not provide this or any other information to the caller.

If you have questions about a phone call, text, or letter you may have received, please call us directly at (920) 729-2999. Do not click any links in texts and do not call back suspicious numbers.

Additionally, fraudulent Evergreen Credit Union cashier’s checks have been found in circulation. If you have received one of these checks in the mail, please alert us immediately at (920) 729-2999. Never deposit random checks, or deposit a check in exchange for gift cards or a portion of the money.

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