Protect Your Debit Card from Scams

Dated: May 28, 2024

Fraudsters are getting more creative every day. Unfortunately, it’s harder than ever to protect yourself from scam and fraudsters. Here are some tips to protect you and your finances.

  1. Protect Your Debit Card Details

Fraudsters will pretend to be anyone, including the IRS, police department, and even the credit union. These clever scammers may even go as far to spoof legitimate phone numbers. A general rule is: a legitimate organization won’t ask for your PIN, debit card number, or social security number (SSN). If you feel pressured, you can always hang up the phone call and research before taking action.

Always keep in mind your debit card PIN is the key to your funds. Don’t write it down or share it with anyone. Your expiration date and CVV are also important for using your card, and should not be needed unless you are making a purchase.

  1. Check Your Account Daily

There is no fee to use online banking at Evergreen Credit Union. You can enroll in online banking at any time in order to review your transactions on a daily basis (this is also great for making sure you don’t overspend). See something that doesn’t look quite right on your account? Call us at 920-729-2999. We’ll be happy to assist you.

  1. Set Alerts and Controls

In the Evergreen Credit Union mobile app, you can set transaction alerts when your debit card is authorized or a purchase is made. Online banking and our mobile app also allows you to lock/unlock your debit card as needed, so you have control over when your card is used.

  1. Use Secure ATMs

Unfortunately, not all ATMs are created equal. ATMs can have “skimmers” placed on the keypad and over the Debit Card insert. These special devices allow fraudsters to steal your debit card number and your PIN. Only use ATMs in trustworthy locations and well-lit areas, and try to go inside if possible. Before inserting your card, do a quick glance over the machine to see if anything has been tampered with or if anything is loose. Gently tug at the debit card reader to see if something has been placed over it.

  1. Be Cautious with Online Transactions!

Wanting to order something online but the price is too good to be true? Make sure it’s from a reputable website with secure payment gateways. Does the website URL start with “https://”? That indicates it’s a secure connection. According to the Federal Trade Commission, 44% of social media scams involve online shopping, and can include platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok.

  1. Keep your Physical Card Safe

Sign the back of your debit card so that no one else can sign it their own way. When you’re at a restaurant or a store, keep it in sight at all times if possible (approach the register if given the option). Evergreen Credit Union cards are compatible with digital wallets, allowing you to use your phone to make contactless, tokenized payments with a single tap.

Avoid storing your card somewhere highly visible like the back of your phone case.

  1. Report Lost or Stolen Cards IMMEDIATELY

Often times, fraudsters will start with small purchases to test if your card is valid (these purchases may show up as an authorization too). For this reason, the longer you wait, the more opportunities the fraudsters have to take your money. Members can be proactive by deactivating your card in the app before you call us at Evergreen Credit Union. You may also reach out to SHAZAM Dispute Services.

If you are concerned about access to your funds in a debit card fraud situation, ask about Instant Issue debit cards. We can print you a replacement card same day, or work with you to get cash from an ATM before we close your card.

  1. Make Sure Your Financial has Your Correct Contact Information

As people move and telephone numbers change, things can get outdated. By keeping your contact information up to date at Evergreen Credit Union, our fraud monitoring services can reach out to you right away, and we can better assist in the card reissuing process. You can review and update your information any time in online banking, or give us a call.


If there’s anything questionable or not sitting right, stop the transaction and call us! No question is a silly question. Always remember that a sense of urgency is often associated with scams, and taking a moment to slow down and assess the situation can help you protect yourself and your finances.


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