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Our online resource center is here to provide the answers you need. Included are solutions to commonly asked questions and video tutorials for online banking.

Can’t find exactly what you want or need a little more help? Contact us online or give us a call or text at (920) 729-2999. We would love to help you.

Your Account

Direct Deposit

All Evergreen Credit Union accounts are eligible for direct deposit. You will need to provide your full account number, including the three digit suffix, and our routing number.

If you need assistance, please contact us at (920)729-2999. We can also help you set up ACH distributions through the credit union instead of through your employer.

Routing Number

Evergreen Credit Union’s routing number is 275979490.

Online Banking


To get started with online banking or to reset your access, call us at (920) 729-2999 or stop by in person.

Online banking accounts are disabled after 90 days of inactivity. Please contact us if you need access restored.

Transfer Money

Members can transfer money between their own shares in online banking and in our mobile app. Find “Quick Transfer” under the “Pay & Transfer” menu on desktop.

You can move money instantly or at a scheduled date in the future. Scheduled Automatic Fund Transfers happen overnight of the day selected. If moving money to pay a bill or loan, we suggest you select at least one day before it is due. Scheduled transfers can be found under the “Pay & Transfer” menu.

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To enroll in eStatements, log into your account in online banking (desktop or web browser only). In the navigation bar, hover over “Member Services” and select eStatements. Fill out the enrollment form with a valid e-mail address that you check regularly. Check your e-mail for a confirmation notice.

To view your eStatements, log into your online banking account. In the navigation bar, hover over “Member Services” and click “eStatements” in the right most column. Note: You may have to wait for the next statement cycle for your eStatement to generate for the first time. eStatements are typically available the same day they are issued and you will receive an e-mail when they are ready.

On the Evergreen Credit Union mobile app, eStatements can be found under the “More” hamburger menu in the lower right. Then select “eStatements” under Member Services. You will be asked to log in if you have not already.

How to Download Your Account History

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To receive and review your electronic receipts, you must be enrolled in eStatements. You can find your electronic documents under “Member Services.” Receipts can be found in the My eStatements section.

How to Download Your Account History

Mobile Banking


Members enrolled in online banking can download and use our mobile app. Our mobile app allows you to transfer money on the go, view eStatements from anywhere, and deposit checks from home. Your online banking username, security questions, and passwords are the same on our mobile app.

Make sure to look for “Evergreen Credit Union” with the white background and green tree icon.

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Activity Alerts

Members can set Card Activity Alerts for their Evergreen Credit Union cards through our mobile app. To set up activity alerts, select the “More” hamburger menu in the lower right corner. Select “Manage My Cards.” Choose which card you would like to set activity alerts for. Note: only cards tied to the account you logged into will be listed.

Activity Alerts are delivered to your phone as push notifications. If you receive an alert for a transaction you did not authorize or remember purchasing, review your transaction history immediately in online banking. If you believe a charge is fraudulent or unauthorized, call the credit union or the number on the back of your card.

Debit Card On/Off

Evergreen Credit Union Debit Cards can be turned On and Off whenever you want!

In our mobile app, “Manage My Cards” is found under the “More” hamburger menu in the lower right. The Manage My Cards menu will list all debit cards tied to the account you logged in with. Select which card you would like to manage. Second from the bottom is “Temporarily Lock This Card.” Select this button, and then the black “Temporarily Lock Card” button. Select “ok” in the pop-up window to lock your debit card. It will now turn red in the Manage Cards menu.

To unlock your card so you may use it again, return to the Manage My Cards menu. Select the card you would like to manage. Second from the bottom, choose “Unlock This Card.” Then select the black “Unlock Card” button. Select “ok” in the pop-up window to unlock your debit card. It will change back to green in the menu.

Note: turning off your card will only prevent new point of sale transactions. Recurring bills, returns, and dispute adjustments will continue. Lost or stolen cards must still be reported.

Remote Deposit Capture

To use Remote Deposit Capture, log in to the Evergreen Credit Union mobile app. Select “Deposit Check” with the camera icon. If this is your first time using RDC, you will need to click “Register.” Your registration will be reviewed by the credit union and may take up to two business days to be approved.

After you have been approved, “Deposit Check” will bring you to the mobile deposit menu. Click “Deposit Your Check” to begin. Make sure to review the check deposit tips before proceeding. You must write Deposited and the date on the front of the check. For Mobile Deposit at Evergreen Credit Union must also be written on the back.

Follow the instructions on screen, including entering the check amount and taking a picture of the front and back. After clicking submit, retain the check until after the deposit has cleared. Deposits are manually verified and typically are deposited by the end of the next business day (Saturday excluded).

If your deposit has been rejected, an e-mail will be sent to the address associated with your Evergreen Credit Union account. Rejected checks may be resubmitted with corrections.

Report Lost or Stolen

Debit Card

To report a lost or stolen Visa Debit Card, please call our fraud management service SHAZAM at 1 (833) 288-1126. They are available 24/7 to help.

Calling SHAZAM will place a block on your card which will stop any further transactions from happening. SHAZAM will confirm and go over any recent transactions on your card. If necessary, they will also help you file transaction disputes.

If you need a new debit card or a replacement card, please contact the credit union at (920) 729-2999. We will work with you to get a new one ordered. Instant issue debit cards are available for same day activation.

Credit Card

To report a lost or stolen MasterCard Credit Card, please call our MasterCard processor Fidelity at 1 (800) 991-4964.

They will place a block on your card which will stop any further transactions from happening. Fidelity will go over any recent transactions on your card and file any transaction disputes at the time of your call. A new MasterCard will be issued from Fidelity and you can expect to receive it within 7 to 10 business days.