Ways to Start Small with Sustainability

Dated: February 15, 2023

Growing up, did your family do things a little bit differently? You may have had to find creative ways to cool off without air conditioning, or use a push lawn mower where the motor was your feet. Or how about a simple paper bag used for MORE groceries or covering school text books for the year. Don’t forget putting on a couple more layers because the thermostat was turned down a couple notches during the night too.

The best way to start small with sustainability is to be a role model for others. By showing it is easy for you to be environmentally responsible, you show that they can too. Some ideas include:

  • Recycle and separate your garbage! Refer to your municipality for what is and what isn’t accepted in your recycling. The more people that recycle properly, the more impactful recycling becomes. Composting then becomes the next step
  • Make your own cloth napkins. Cloth napkins made from second hand or scrap materials help prevent textile waste. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the recycling rate for textiles in the United States is below 15%. The next time you hand your dinner guest a cloth napkin, you’ll certainly stir up a conversation
  • Hang out in your backyard or bike to different parks. Not only does staying locally use less energy resources, it also helps your family be active. The American Heart Association has the “NFL Play 60 Fitness Break” that you can register your child for various PLAY 60 Broadcasts. Walking or biking versus hopping in a car serves multiple purposes!
  • Check out your local library. Not only is reading a good hobby to broaden your horizons, but it encourages a sharing economy. Some libraries also have tool libraries, or communal resources like printers so you do not need to buy your own

Can you think of other ways to promote sustainability? Let us know! We would love to hear your activities and see what you can come up with!

Evergreen Credit Union is a full-service financial institution with an environmental focus in Neenah and Appleton, Wisconsin. Membership is open to everyone who lives or works in Outagamie, Waupaca, Waushara, Calumet, or Winnebago counties.

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