Environmental Certifications

Arbor Day Foundation logo

Arbor Day Foundation
The Arbor Day Foundation is a million member nonprofit conservation and education organization with the mission to inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees. We donate funds to plant a tree for each new account and loan closing. To date we have donated enough money to plant over 12,000 trees in state and national parks, and forests.

Energy Star Partner Logo

EPA Energy Star Certified Building
We have achieved distinction as an Energy Star Certified Building. Energy Star Certified Buildings use 35% less energy overall compared to non-certified counterparts and produce less pollutants that can harm the environment. We measure and track the buildings performance, spread the word about energy efficiency, and supports the Energy Star Challenge. We are proud to be part of the family of businesses who have joined with Energy Star. Find more information about Energy Star at energystar.gov.

Green Business Bureau Member Logo

Green Business Bureau
We are a member of the Green Business Bureau and are committed to being transparent in our environmental initiatives.

You can view our profile on the GBB website: Evergreen Credit Union.

Waste Wise 2019 Voluntary Participant

EPA WasteWise
We hold a partner status with EPA WasteWise, which is designed to increase efficiency, save money, and reduce our carbon footprint. Evergreen Credit Union has also achieved zero waste status under EPA guidelines. We divert more than 90% of our waste from landfills through recycling and composting efforts.

Evergreen received a regional WasteWise award our waste diversion efforts in 2018.

Green Masters Program logo Environmental Certifications

Green Masters Program
Through its many ongoing sustainability efforts, Evergreen Credit Union has achieved professional status in the Green Masters Program three times. This program is the largest and most widely renowned sustainability recognition in Wisconsin. It helps companies benchmark and compare their environmental performance with their peers.

WaterSense EPA logo for Environmental Certifications with Evergreen Credit Union

EPA Water Sense Promotional Partner
Through this partnership, we promote the use of WaterSense labeled products to our members and the community. WaterSense labeled products use at least 20% less water than standard products in their category.

Battle of the Buildings Team Challenge Logo Environmental Certifications for Evergreen Credit Union

EPA 2016 Battle of the Buildings Winner
We reduced our water consumption by more than any other participating financial institution during this nation-wide contest! Using the EPA Energy Star Portfolio Manager data management tool, competitors measure, tracked and reported their energy and water consumption over a 90 day period. The data then needed to be verified by an independent third party to be considered.

Official competitor Battle of the Buildings Team Challenge logo Environmental Certifications with Evergreen Credit Union

EPA 2015 Battle of the Buildings Winner
Evergreen Credit Union was the 2015 winner of the Bank Branch category for water usage reduction. We reduced our water consumption by more than 20% in 2015.

PlugShare Participant
Our electric vehicle charging station is listed on PlugShare, allowing electric and hybrid vehicle owners to locate and utilize it for free. Our charging station is powered by 100% renewable energy.

Wisconsin Partners for Clean Air logo Environmental Certifications for Evergreen Credit Union

Wisconsin Partners for Clean Air
WPCA is a coalition of over 250 businesses, community organizations, schools, and government agencies committed to improving air quality. We have pledged to take voluntary actions to improve air quality and reduce harmful air pollution.

2015 Pay It Green Approved Logo Environmental Certifications for Evergreen Credit Union

PayItGreen Seal of Approval
The PayItGreen Seal of Approval recognizes businesses and financial institutions that champion environmentally sustainable practices to remove paper from payments, bills and statements and motivate consumers and businesses to make electronic their first choice.