Why You Should Take On a Home Project This Year

This is the year to do what you want – renovate your home! Evergreen Credit Union’s Home Project Loan is the perfect match for your much-needed Spring home improvements. Not convinced? Here are some reasons to consider a home project.

DIY Time. Not all projects require contracted help! Simple projects like painting your cabinets or replacing your toilet can be done in a weekend and are a great creative outlet. They are also perfect for teaching the meaning of sweat equity. If you’re not sure how to tackle a certain task, YouTube is a great resource for instructional videos and inspiration. Nothing gives you a sense of pride like finishing some work on your own house!

Financing Options Exist. You don’t need to plan or save years in advance to start a new home project. “Do It Yourself” friendly loans are available with quick turnaround times. Some loans may even be granted the day of, meaning you can take a trip to the hardware store right after visiting your favorite lender. If you decide to work with a retailer instead of a financial institution, make sure to read the full terms and conditions to make sure you are not adding unnecessary costs in the long run.

Investment for the Future. Continuously updating bit by bit can benefit you in the future. If you think you might upgrade or sell within the next few years, spreading out improvement projects over a few years can help keep your home up to date without needing to take out a massive loan with a long payback period that out lives your time there.

Improve Energy Savings and Reduce Costs. The perfect time to upgrade your outdated appliances or insulate your home is now. When it comes to energy savings, the sooner you can get them installed, the sooner they can save you money! Upgrading to LED lights, on demand water heaters, or installing solar panels are all great options. Some loans do not specify what type of project they need to be used for, making them friendly for even the most basic of upgrades. ENERGY STAR is a great resource for deciding which appliances to replace, and has useful suggestions for other upgrades.

Increase Home Longevity. Some projects are great for your home longevity. Updating a shower, sink, or toilet can help you avoid leaks or breaks in the future which both cost a lot of money, and can damage other parts of your home. In addition, things like roofing projects can also help protect the structural integrity of your residence as a good roof keeps the elements out and your walls up.

Once you’ve decided which projects to undertake, Evergreen Credit Union has the resources to help. One of our knowledgeable loan officers can help you explore your options, including specialty loans for home projects and solar arrays. Call (920) 729-2999 or stop by to make an appointment today. Membership is open to everyone who lives or works in Outagamie, Waupaca, Waushara, Calumet, or Winnebago counties.

*Information valid as of 4/26/19. Terms and availability may vary by lender. Please consult your financial institution for eligibility and rates. Photo by cetteup on Unsplash.