Special Occasions Don’t Have to Break the Bank

When you are surrounded by people you care about, the cost of special occasions can add up. That said, holidays and birthdays don’t have to be a budget breaker.

Here are five ideas to celebrate all year round without overspending:

  1. Give the gift of quality time by enjoying a hobby together! Some of the best memories are meaningful ones, and they can be made without spending any additional money. Pick up their favorite board game or take time to cook dinner together. They’ll appreciate you asking.
  2. Visit the library and check out a new movie or TV series together. Libraries are a great way to access tons of free resources – find your nearest library and apply for a library card today. After you’ve found your library, take a visit together and pick out some new media to enjoy! Start a hunt for something that has an interesting cover or funny title. Once you’ve found the winner, pair it with popcorn and a fuzzy blanket at home to make a special night.
  3. Volunteer together for a cause they are passionate about. For example, if your loved one is an advocate for the environment, find a place where you can walk and pick up trash. You could also volunteer to make bird houses or redistribute milkweed pods. There are many local organizations that would love your help!
  4. If you are celebrating a little one, their favorite thing in the world is most likely spending time with YOU. Ask what they would like to do with you, or arrange for them to do something special like visit your work. Even simple things like taking them to the credit union or grocery shopping with you can be exciting: bring them somewhere they’re normally not allowed to go or don’t visit often. They’ll be tickled to participate in grown up activities that imitate your life.
  5. Open a Mistletoe or Back to School Savings and pair it with an automatic transfer to save in advance. Mistletoe and Back to School Savings are special savings accounts that earn higher dividends that automatically deposit your funds once they mature. You can choose July, October, or November for their maturity date, allowing you to contribute incrementally until the big day is near. You still have access to the money you put in this account, but to help you keep temptation at bay, we charge a $5.00 fee if you take money out of this account before the maturity date. These are great for summer birthdays, and Christmas end of year spending!

What is your favorite low-cost activity and way to celebrate? Let us know in the comment section down below, or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram.

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