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Evergreen Credit Union Attains Green Master Status

Dated: November 01, 2023

The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council has recognized Evergreen Credit Union at the Green Master level within its Green Masters Program®. Recognizing Wisconsin businesses that are prioritizing sustainability, the Green Masters Program® categorizes participants into four status levels that reflect the degree to which sustainability has been integrated into their business model: Adapting, Advancing, Maturing, and Green Master.

Green Master status signifies that the organization has identified and is effectively managing its material sustainability issues and performance related to those issues, takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability, and is actively leading the transformation to a more sustainable society. Evergreen Credit Union sees environmental sustainability as part of the “people helping people” credit union movement motto.

Each year at the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council’s Annual Conference, the achievements of member companies are recognized and celebrated.  This year’s conference will be held on November 16 at TruStage in Madison.

“The Green Masters Program is a tool for businesses to define, prioritize, measure, and manage their sustainability performance and integrate sustainable systems into business systems. It’s a platform aligned with internationally recognized standards that drives sustainable success and continuous improvement. For over 14 years the program has guided companies in building sustainable success and we are proud of companies like Evergreen Credit Union leading the way in Wisconsin.”



Evergreen Credit Union is on a mission to be the most environmentally responsible credit union in the nation while continuing to provide amazing service to our members. Evergreen Credit Union began its sustainability journey in 2015 with the hiring of a sustainability manager and the installation of a 198-panel solar array. In 2021, we opened our second branch, built with sustainability in mind and, of course, its very own solar array.

To date, both solar arrays have produced over 400,000 kWh and helped avoid the release of 307.23 metric tonnes of CO2. In addition, we donate funds to plant trees for every new membership opened, including funding reforestation efforts in Wisconsin and local planting programs in the cities where our branches reside.



The WI Sustainable Business Council’s (WSBC) mission is to advance sustainable principles and practices through the power of business. WSBC is a member-driven organization, that supports companies’ efforts to educate, measure, and improve their sustainability outcomes, and collaborate for shared success. For over 16 years, they have brought businesses together to solve sustainability challenges and work to address environmental, social, and governance actions in business, meeting companies where they are and assisting them with greater profitability and sustainability strategy integration. WSBC is an affiliate of WMEP Manufacturing Solutions. For more information, visit http://www.wisconsinsustainability.com/


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