Budget Friendly Halloween Costumes (From Stuff You Already Own)

Reduce, reuse, and recycle can benefit more than just the planet and your wallet – it can help you celebrate this Halloween season! Here are some budget friendly Halloween costumes you can put together from items you most likely already own or can borrow.


Do you own overalls?

Yes: Pull out or borrow some flannel and pull off the Old MacDonald look! Pair your costume with stuffed barn animals and you will have a timeless classic that is sure to make your friends giggle. The best part is the farmer has no designated look, so you can make it work with whatever you have on hand that captures the farmer image.


Fan of playing tennis?

Yes: Grab your racquet and imitate the greats! Accessorize like your favorite, or work with what you have. Sports visors and athletic headbands are great options that work with any polo and skirt/shorts combination. Best of all, you can wear tennis shoes and tall socks too.


Do you own a solid color shirt?

Yes: Pop culture has many wonderful characters to reference. What about Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde from Pac-Man? If you have a solid color shirt in Red, Blue, Pink, or Orange, you can add a pair of paper or felt eyes and some black pants or leggings. These costumes work great for a group or family.


Holding on to an old bedsheet?

Yes: Give that bedsheet one last hoorah and cut it into long strips lengthwise. One bedsheet should give you enough fabric to turn yourself into a creeptastic mummy. Tie the first sheet off into a knot around your arm or middle, or pull out your safety pins to affix it to your clothes. When you are done, the fabric can be disposed of, or you can put it away to make a new costume or Halloween decoration for next year. (Let the fabric dangle from your trees, windows, or porch for a spooky effect!)


Do you have cardboard in your recycling?

Yes: Cardboard is a very simple building block. With a little paint (or wrapping paper), you can make yourself into a taco shell, a book, or any flat shape. Don’t believe you have to purchase materials to finish off your look. A wadded up green t-shirt can look like lettuce in a burger and can be attached with safety pins.


Have some fan-favorite attire?

Yes: Look through your closet. Do you have any clothing that references well known brands? Work with what you got an accessorize accordingly, such as going rock star with your favorite band t-shirt, or doing a casual version of your favorite TV character decked in their own merch. No need to purchase anything new, and you know you’ll wear it again.


Now that you’re thinking about what you own in your house, the possibilities are endless. Minimize waste, and cut back on spending, when you reference and reuse what you have.

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